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Our mission in this area of an athlete is to help them understand the importance of building an online personal fitness brand. As social media becomes more important to companies looking for athletes with an online social media, it becomes a priority of an athlete resume to have one. We have helped 100's athletes around the world build and even create extra income from it. We believe that having an online brand allows doors to open and the opportunities are endless in this digital world that we are living in. We want you to become that public figure that you deserve to be! 

Social Media Fitness athlete program- This package for an athlete that is having a hard time building their fitness exposure and serious about putting themselves out there because they understand that having a strong fitness name on social media helps to get sponsored, make money from photoshoot and more!

Within the program you will get following

-Understand the algorithms of Instagram or Facebook (Athlete Choice)

-Times to post your content

-Micro content

-Hash tag pillars

-Theme content creation

-Grow your followers organically 

-1 Free sponsorship search

-Up to 2 to 4 hours talk time within the grace period you sign up to discuss how to get more exposure to earn money

-You will get organic hash tags to help you reach massive people

-One designed competitor campaign to help you attract the right audience

-Earn extra money online thru photo shoot, posting and more

Are you ready to take your fitness competitor brand to the next level and stand out?

Sign up today and experience what 100's of athletes have experienced! 


​Investing in your personal online brand in this digital world we live in now just became the most powerful way to get your name out there and help with sponsorship

​One time Investment of $99 for 30 days

Guaranteed Results!


What does a FREE sponsorship consist of?

-We create a resume with your credentials that reflects your competition journey

-Provide you with a industry list from Meal prep, bikini suits, supplements and more to choose from

-Provide you an average of about 5 to 10 companies to review every two weeks

-We go out there an promote you to the companies while you seat back

 Hi, hope all is well! how is your day? Are you still competing?

*Just imagine being sponsored in almost every industry the money you are saving!


Sponsorship turn around depends on the offer and how complex is the deal

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