‚Äč    Solus Brand Media

Solus Brand, is media and agency company that caters to athletes and companies within the fitness, wellness, apparel, beauty, shoes, jewerly and meal prep sector. In our agency division we focus on helping athletes getting sponsorship opportunity and getting paying jobs with the right company. In our media division we focus on helping companies manage their social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Our agent focuses on taking in as much information from the athletes. We want to understand where are all their spending competition money going to on a yearly bases. We then focus on those areas to help them save money. We understand that competing could be expensive and that is why we are here to help with that cost.

Our media division focuses on social media management and also provides a method called relationship marketing. We understand that most companies don't have a budget to hire a in house social media marketing staff. So, we designed a way to save a company a ton of money in social media, sales and marketing by packaging it all in one person per project. We also took it further and created a team of athletes that taught how market products on social media from a marketing stand point, by teaching them relationship marketing online. We believe that relationship marketing is more effective than traditional ads on social media. We feel there is nothing better than having an athlete to promote your products that will give you the people to people experience. Our ultimate goal here was to save a company time and money, by still providing them sales and brand awareness. 

Our vision is to provide a platform to allow an athlete or a company walk into our company and feel that they have a one stop shop.