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Benefits Of Social Media Campaigns: Social media campaigns provides the ability of the campaign to create buzz, relate to its audience, engage through emotions and utilize creativity to make a strong social statement that people can get behind.

Our Recruiting & Management Media division takes away the guessing game on building your social media brand. We understand how important your time is to your business. Social media has now taken over as the number one place to shop, network and get product feedback as a consumer. Your goal as a brand is to make sure you make your brand known on these platforms like Instagram and Facebook to name a few. You could spend a fraction of a cost on digital marketing compare to traditional marketing. Now the digital world has also expanded with allowing influencers to show your product by becoming a brand ambassador. This has now made online marketing more of a relationship marketing. Building the relationship between the brand and product on another level. 


How does it work?

 We first analyze your social media pages to see what you have done wrong. Then, we set up a call with you to help you understand the right angle and approach to get your pages out there more. We help you understand what times to post, what hash tags you should be using and more! Our next step is to understand your product or products to better tell your story on social media.

Do we manage your social media page or pages?

Yes! We will handle your pages for you! We will post for you daily, so that you dont have to struggle doing it and doing it wrong. Now, you could focus your time in other areas of your business.

How can I Incorporate Influencers Into this service?

Influencers are golden nuggests on the raise on social media. What we will do for you is go out recruit the right influencer that will match your brand and lifestyle. This will help tell the story better on social media. We will also manage their postings to make sure they are posting aligned with the brand and effective times to post on Instagram and Facebook.  

Do we do sponsor ads and Facebook ads for you?

We understand how powerful social media ads are now and how cost effective they could be as well to any business. If you struggle NOT getting great results from you creating your own ads, now we are here to take over and get it down right for you. So, we will set up campaigns for you daily, weekly and monthly as needed.


Media Service Management Ads And Content Creation

-Prepare Weekly Ads (We will Pay For It)

-Creating Campaigns Weekly 

-Promoting Your Website To Maximize Your Traffic 

-Promoting Your Products On Facebook and Instagram

-Post Daily Up To 3 Times A Day Facebook and Instagram

-Recurit Athletes (if needed) To Promote Your Products and Brand As Well

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Client Testimonial

​​I have entrusted my social media presence to Cesar and SolusBrand Media team as they immersed themselves in the ever changing, all important world of social media.  Not only do they know what they are talking about but they have integrity and really cares, not only about doing a great job but about the people that they work with.  They have helped grown my online presence less than three months and have increase my online sales as well. Cesar has become a confidant and a friend and one that I highly recommend to get the job done and done right!

Erik Rothchild
FitWhey                                                                                                                                                                                                     Follow Us @drinkfitwhey



Client Testimonial

Solus Media Service has really helped our social media and brand. The reason why we came to them was because we had no time to look for high quality athletes. We didnt know if they bought their followers, how many likes they should be getting per post and the engagement ratio. Solus came in not only did they go find what we needed but they also took care of managing them for the time frame we wanted the athletes. It was truly a less headache for us to worry about. They also saved us money internally because they gave us a lot insights that our social media person had no idea. Within the 6 months that we worked with them they helped get more followers, sales and most importantly saved us a ton of time. They made our job easier in the branding and social media department. Our sales grew by 10 percent in the 6 months working with them.  If you are looking to save time, grow your online business and a piece of mind Solus could make it happen.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ajo & Oregano Restaurant

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Client Testimonial

Since working with Solus brand Media we have seen such an amazing difference on our social media pages. They understand what we wanted and how we wanted it done. In just a short of period of three months not only have they helped us get more sales, but has taken huge load of our back from the online world. We have been able to focus more of our attention on our apparel line and producing more products. For those that have a short staff, just starting a business and on a budget Solus is the way to go.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Follow Us @koolbodiesapparel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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5 Reasons to utilize our services:

-How: Our weekly campaigns are strategically posted in relations to time, day, visual and content deliverance. This will increase your chances to get the right following, traffic to your site and higher conversion rate for sales.

-Who: We assign a brand manager on your campaign that will over look the project on the daily bases. Our brand manager could customize your campaigns to a certain area of the map if the product or products that are only driving sales base off weather climate.

-When: Our campaigns are posted at a certain day and time base off our studies by our team and multiple testing on the social media platforms to provide you a great return on your product awareness.

-Where: We have done our research that the two top platforms base off active and popularity are Facebook ans Instagram. Facebook is driven off content. Instagram is driven off images. We will use each of them based off their strengths to shine light on your brand and products.

-Why: We understand how important your time is and the time that is needed to build and maintain your online social media marketing. This could be time consuming, confusing and frustrating. So with us understanding that and also knowing that 70% of population are using social media to purchase products, get product reviews and more! Our goal is help get your products and brand running effectively without wasting your valuable time, so that could devote your time in other areas of your business.