Kayline Porter From Ohio

Cesar and his team have been so helpful and professional. They stay on top of everything and always keep me informed and up to date on sponsorship opportunities and on the latest social media trends. I have had an awesome experience with the Solus Brand company and I cannot wait to see where they help me take my brand in the future!

I have to say that while working with Cesar and Solus Brand I have grown in more ways than one. Cesar pushes me to do better every single week! He genuine, speaks from the heart, and has one heck of a personality which makes it fun to work with him. It has really been a great pleasure working with Solus Brand and I can not wait to see what the future holds. If you are looking for someone to help coach you through building your brand, then Cesar is your man! I was not expecting someone to help me so much! Thank you Cesar and Solus Brand for what you stand for.

Loni Michelle

Donna From Florida

Level: NPC Figure Competitor ​Cesar is a positive, 'can do' experienced marketing individual. Cesar along with his team are able to immerse themselves in the business and be a real part of it. They learn the clients needs and wants and work towards accomplishing them.  Cesar adds value by his ability to think through logically what is required to turn a concept into reality and is able to creatively come up with practical strategies and concepts to achieve it. I recommend Solus Brand to anyone needing to create a BRAND name for themselves; They get RESULTS!

Carla Erskine From Florida

I'm so thankful for all the advice, information, patience and support, Cesar and Solus Brand provides! Solus Brand has been helping me develop a focused and constructive approach to social media, so I can build a brand and image of success, and continue to grow in the fitness industry! For Cesar, this is not just a business. He is genuinely concerned about who you are, what you're interests are, making sure that you're heading in the direction you want with your goals! If you're looking for brand marketing or social media management, as an athlete or otherwise, Solus Brand is a company to choose when you want to feel like you are a part of a family, and are seeking quality information and expertise! 

Katie Lee From DC

With the help of Solus Brand, I have been able to begin building a successful brand and business. The team has done a great job providing me with the support, education, and resources necessary to build a professional, successful brand. With their help I have a great supplement company backing me up and very happy with them as well. Cesar Santana (CEO/Founder) has gone the extra mile to make sure athletes are presented with business opportunities that will benefit their brand as well as ensuring their success. The communication, professionalism, and expertise of Solus Brand has allowed me to create, build, and manage my own brand.

Kenea From Atlanta GA

​Level: IFBB Bikini I am having such a wonderful experience with Solus Brand. I am very pleased with all my progress. Solus is very professional and stays on top of things. My social media have been climbing ever since they have been managing me cant wait to see what they have in store for me in the future. They have been able to open doors for me in the sponsorship world that has allowed me to save time from doing it, which I don't have right now. I definitely would recommend Solus Brand to anyone who is trying to take themselves or brand to the next level.

Zoe Wade From NYC 

Level: NPC

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a SolusBrand athlete. Cesar and the solusbrand team are on point, professional and always have my back. It is incredible  to watch this vision turn into a reality. As a young athlete Cesar has taught me a lot about this industry. I am so impressed with solusbrand they are professional, talented, and have helped to build my brand! I am looking forward to what the future has in store!

MandiFlexFit From NYC

❤️Thanks SolusBrand for EVERYTHING so far. Cesar and jeff have been INSTRUMENTAL in my athlete brand building up from almost nothing. I have gotten two companies to represent me, tons of new followers and clients and helped me to really discover how I want to represent myself. Love you guys. And thank you. ❤️

Simone From Atlanta

Level: Natural BodyBulider

I am so grateful to be represented by Solus!

Their expertise has allowed me to build & excel with my brand presence through their educated guidance in social media and much more. They have taken me from humble beginnings and I am well on my way to creating a dynamic brand.

I have experienced a caring and attention to detail that allows me more efficient use of my time as an athlete.  I trust Solus to protect and promote my brand as if it is their own. I thought at my age that no company will want to work with me, but Solus made that possible for me.

They are the experts that I trust as they are focused on the importance of image & goals.  They know this busines.

I have benefitt tremendously.  I recommend Solus to anyone looking to shine and make their presence known.

Dawn From Oklahoma Level: NPC

​I'm extremely happy with the results I'm getting with the SolusBrand team. This team works really hard to educate you in how to apply social media efficiently. I'm also excited about the website they have built for me!!! Very exciting!!! In addition, they are helping me get sponsored by helping me build my brand online which is one of many requirements these companies they are partnered up ask for. One of the benefits of having them by my side is if I'm too busy to post that day, the team still posts for me!!! It's amazing how devoted they are in helping individuals develop their brand and personal goals!!!! I feel very fortunate to have them on board in assisting me to be successful!!!!

Platium Barbie From Chicago

As a passionate athlete in the fitness industry, trying to diversify myself has always been a challenge. My knowledge of social media and how to market was very slim. My degree and knowledge was always in the sciences and I was more of a logical analytical thinker. Solus Brand helped and is continuing to aid me in stepping outside the box and tuning into my artistic, creative side. The image I had for my future is way more clear and I feel more confident in the strategies that I am have begun to use. Cesar has not only helped me to turn my page around with the right audience but also has given me the support that transcends an agent but instead is like a wise guardian who is looking out for my best interests. Solus Brand wants me to not only succeed but to transform the fitness industry by leaving a mark. I cannot wait to continue to grow and gain more knowledge and success along the way! Thank you Cesar!

Vanessa Pagan From Buffalo NY

After just a week of signing with SolusBrand, I got sponsored by 100% Egg Whites and BPI because of them. Solusbrand is fully dedicated to their Athletes and works diligently to find the best branding methods to fit each and every client's personality and belief system. Solusbrand has weekly check ups and branding updates to help athletes grow their brand to the next level. This company will point out your weak points and make you improve momentously . Thank you SolusBrand for all your hard work and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us! -

Madison From Toronto

I approached Solus Brand because I wanted to take my brand to the next level and grow my name in the industry. 
Solus Brand has helped me by carefully constructing how I approach social media and any potential endeavours I come across. Making sure I do what is best for me, my business and my future in the industry. 
One thing I absolutely love about Solus Brand is their commitment to my success and ensuring I am always on top of my game even when I am very busy.
This experience so far has been nothing short of incredible. Completely revamping my brand and ensuring absolute success
I would recommend Solus Brand to anyone looking to grow themselves in any way shape or form because Solus Brand has the answers you are looking for.

Trease Smock-Gheorghe from Florida
Level: NPC National Bikini/Figure

As a fitness  professional and enthusiast, I was looking for a way to create a brand,grow my brand and increase exposure into the fitness industry.  Just in the perfect moment, Solus Brand reached out to me for this amazing opportunity that I was looking forward to find.  Late 2015, Cesar and Jeff contacted me with the opportunity to be my management company for the exact reasons I was needing.  

Since I have been with Solus Brand, my BRAND was created, exposed into the industry and my social media and fitness business has grown like wild fire.  I could not be more thankful for this amazing team.  Souls Brand listens to what the athletes goals consist of, work WITH the athlete for their best interest, help create a marketing strategy, plan, and implement everything for you to SOAR in the industry.  During my journey thus far with Souls Brand, my social media increased dramatically on all locations, my client base increase, I have a website launching by March 2016 and I have landed a sponsor with Figure Slim and Swole Sports Nutrition. Cesar is wonderful and always there for anything you need.  The feeling of having Solus Brand stand behind you and support you through your journey is a level of confidence that I cannot put into words…….yes speechless!

Thank you Solus Brand and Cesar for everything you do for me and I am so excited to take this journey with you by my side!  

Trease Smock -Gheorghe

Elisa From Florida

With the help of SolusBrand I have been able to get connected with businesses in the fitness industry that I can work with and be sponsored by that fit my lifestyle as a competitor. It is an absolute pleasure and joy to work with Cesar Santana (CEO & Founder of SolusBrand). Cesar is all about making sure athletes are represented properly and that we get the right sponsors that fit our style. I appreciate the fact that he takes the time to talk to us on a regular basis to keep us updated and to help out with any concerns we may have. SolusBrand is a great company all around that helps athletes brand themselves via all social networking sites and they provide a full spectrum of services from A-Z for those that don't have the time to manage their own website/social media, etc. I can't thank Cesar & SolusBrand enough for getting me a sponsor very quickly and for continuing to network with businesses that we can work with going forward. I look forward to seeing what the future holds and to see us all succeed.

Janelle Gallo From Long Island NYC ​Level: NPC&BodyBuilding

​I have known and been working with Cesar and his team for a few years now and I have developed such a great relationship with them. Solusbrand has taken my business to a higher level since then. They are such a hard working team, passionate team and it shows in their work. They are very knowledgeable taught me so many things about marketing my business and myself, which it has gotten me more clients than I could ask for. They are very thorough with they work and constantly keeps me updated with the progress of how the marketing campaign for my personal training business and competition brand. I have full trust in them with taking care of my business marketing because they show that they love what they do and they are very honest, genuine team that will work hard to the best of their knowledge to get your business brand out there. I have been blessed to get sponsored with their help and also even work on in house projects with them that they have paid me themselves. I highly recommend using solusbrand for your business and competition branding and marketing. They will not let you down and will work harder than anyone you know. I look forward to continue working with Cesar and his team in the future for all my business needs

Tiffany Monique From Vegas

Since I was contacted my solus brand I can see a huge turn around in my social media presence. I love that Cesar and his team take
The time to carefully pick their athletes it means that they are super passionate about what they do. From the moment I spoke with Cesar I knew he was extremely smart and gifted at what he does and it made me immediately want to work with him. He constantly keeps me motivated and pushes me as his client to always be making a noise, to make my presence known and to keep bettering myself. In the short time I have been with solus brand I can see the tremendous strides my social media has made thanks to Cesar. I appreciate everything him and his team do day in and day out. 


Amanda Edell From NYC

Level: NPC

As a fitness professional I was looking to take my brand to the next level and expand my business. I knew I had what it took but needed some help and guidance to assist me in getting there. Enter Solus Brand. Since working with Solus, my followers on all social media platforms have increased as well as my general awareness on how to market myself as a BRAND.

The amount of business knowledge I have obtained from working with Solus has accelerated the growth of my business tremendously. I have obtained new sponsorships and deals that would not have been possible without the work of SOLUS!

The CEO of the company Cesar Santana takes the time to speak to all his athletes on a weekly basis. Cesar helps you build a constructive plan working toward your goals and consistently follows up with you to make sure you are always on track. You can really tell that he genuinely cares about his athletes and wants all of them to succeed! His passion and expertise always shine through and he is constantly working around the clock for YOU. To Cesar and Jeff, If you are apart of the Solus Brand Company, you are FAMILY!

I would highly recommend working with Solus as they have soared above and beyond my expectations. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to work with them! If you are debating working with Solus, I would ask yourself only one question- are you READY for the opportunities that may come your way? Because Cesar and Jeff are ready to work non stop for you! With the constant support, positive affirmation and opportunities Solus has to offer, the sky is truly the limit! If you are ready to expand your brand and take your business to the next level, look no further! Solus Brand is the game changer you have been looking for.

Ashley Blair From Kansas City

It has been an exciting journey working
With Cesar! He has great strategies on building my brand and marketing me as an athlete. He is constantly keeping me informed of the next step on future business opportunities. I'm a very picky client and he understands what I like and offers that would be more beneficial in my career. I was very impressed with how he easy it is to work with Cesar and build a business relationship. They have got me sponsored with two industries that has allowed me to save money. Cesar is an expert on advising the best way to market and brand yourself while also being straight forward and honest. I'm happy to be an athlete with Solus Brand and excited to see what my future has in store! 

Bradley Aubry From Miami Florida Level:

MuscleMania&NPC ​Am highly impress on how Solus Brand has expanded my brand and also given it more of an identity.  The team at Solus Brand are professional and talented and their passion to market your brand is exceptional. Solus Brand has been a Blessing and a light house on my path to establishing my wellness practice. Solus Brand has continued to help me in developing a strategy to increase traffic to my business site and exposing my brand and my competition brand has got me even a sponsor with two companies. They are a valued partner as we continue to grow and build on the practice. I am thankful for the team at Solus Brand for taking away the worry on marketing my brand. True Blessing.

    Solus Brand Media

Melissa Flimore From DC

Solus Brand has increased my social media exposure in a way I could never have done myself. They have taught me how to best promote myself as I build a brand and secure my future goals. I have been backed up because of Solus with awesome company in the supplement world. The education has been more than worth it and I look forward to much success with Solus Brand as a vital part of my team.

In the short journey so far with Cesar and his team has been awesome! I have learned, gained, and better myself.  I have seen everything and more that I had expected when joining the Solus Brand Team!  Cesar Santana is always on the look out to improve and helping me building my brand, doing things I know I couldn’t have ever done on my own.  Just in a short time they were able to get me a sponsored opportunity that I would have not been able to get a deal like that alone. I absolutely can’t wait to see what path the future holds with me during my Solus journey!  Thank you Solus Brand Staff and Cesar Santana for your work and all that you do!

Jordan James

Bikini Competitor