What is solus? 

the definition of the word it self is "alone" in latin. Most people when they think of being alone they think of the pessimistic end of it,  But I believe it to be the moments of rebirth or a potential opportunity. Being creatively and effectively alone.  

Many people confuse "loneliness" with "aloneness". while it is true a lot of times you will feel lonely when you are alone, being in a sate of "aloneness" or "solitude" is being alone without being lonely. it is a positive and constructive state of engagement with oneself. Solitude is desirable, A state of being alone where you can provide yourself with uplifting and sufficient company.  

This is about the idea of your own identity, how you manage yourself, and how you carry your thoughts. It is these exact moments when you are alone and what you think when you are alone that determines who you are. Even you must be aware, whoever you are, when you are alone, it is the perfect time. Be solus.